About Us

Sama Al Atlal Contracting Company is a Saudi company working in the field of specialized contracting and is based in Riyadh. Sama Al Atlal is one of the most important national institutions working in the field of integrated solutions for doors and related products. It works in the field of engineering, innovation, assembling, The company will respond quickly to customers and receive their requests and study and identify the specifications of the composition of each door or each unit in terms of type and materials used and the general form and And then select the manufacturers, parts, materials and materials needed to obtain the product conforming to the specifications. In this way, Sama Al-Atalal Company goes to many producers and factories inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to purchase and supply the necessary raw materials and products. Combining and combining them to achieve a high quality final product and enjoy the highest level of excellence and strength, with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Sama Al-Atal Contracting was founded by a group of Saudi youth who have high hopes and ambitions to meet the needs of the society and its institutions to obtain a higher level of protection, safety and privacy commensurate with the size of private interests by investing their experience to obtain high quality doors and windows .

Sama Al-Talal Contracting Company has a professional team with the highest level of competence and expertise to execute the required projects as soon as possible and at the standard quality level.

Sama Al Atlal Contracting Company serves the construction, construction and finishing markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. It operates according to the latest global installation and design technology and is strategically oriented towards leading local and regional markets. This is based on the confidence of a wide range of customers in their capabilities and efforts. Their products are of high quality and low prices.